Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your a Pain in the .......

Oh where Oh where is my car?

Snow, more snow than I have seen in a very long time! We had a total of 20 inches fall here in Northern VA. That was just on this past Friday and Saturday. Right now as I sit here typing away, snow is falling. Another 10-15 inches is what they are calling for. Many of you, I know are in this same predicament, I know this because you are writing me asking for advice.  Advice on how to relieve pain. The pain your body is experiencing due to participating in the sport of snow shoveling.

Snow shoveling should be a competitive sport. Every muscle in your body is used. Your heart gets a great workout as well as every other muscle in your body. You could have a whole team of snow shoveler's competing for the golden shovel!  After I shoveled for a little over 2 1/2 hours my pants were literally falling off. You burn some serious calories!

I myself feel pretty good. Haven't had any extreme pain as I have learned a few things about the art of snow shoveling in the past years. I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well. First I apply my natural menthol balm to areas of my body that I know will be effected by the strains of snow shoveling.  I apply my menthol balm to the back of my neck (I have a bulging disc and past herniation) so relaxing these muscles are important. I also apply my menthol balm to my shoulders specifically the rotator cuff area, triceps, my obliques,  quads and lower back. My lower back is a mess as well. Past herniation as well as degenerative disc disease.

Once I'm all balmed up, I stretch. You can do the same stretches you would do before a run.  I then apply my Organic Sunscreen to my face,and my Organic Shea lip balm, dress warmly, and I'm set for the snow shoveling Olympics. I did find a video on how to shovel snow http://www.howcast.com/videos/146119-How-To-Shovel-Snow  I'm not a fan of spraying the shovel with cooking spray as I do not use any aerosol type spray cans. You can just apply a thin coat of oil with a towel to your shovel. This keeps the snow from sticking. The video is fun to watch.

Preparation is the key to avoiding  neck and back strain as well as extreme muscular pain. I want to be able to build snow forts for my daughter, I want to be able to stand upright to make an organic soy latte, and I want to be able to well..... walk. Keep warm  Keep Safe. Peace


Ms Bibi said...

All that snow reminds me Vancouver 2 years ago. This year there is absolutely no snow. They have to bring it for the Olympics.

tessica said...

i am over snow too!
btw i have something for you on my blog! (aw--cough---ard)

Cakeblast said...

This has been one crazy winter - I'm following your blog now - hope you have a great weekend!