Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Days Winter Skin

Still snowing here in VA. Started yesterday afternoon. I think we  have about 18-20 inches and still more to come.
Pretty much stuck. Oven stopped working so I can't bake which I love to do. Printer stopped working last night, so can't print labels for my products. So, I guess I will post another giveaway!

Winter  is a great time for itchy dry flaky skin. O the pleasure of warmth and the havoc it can reek on ones skin.
I have very hyper sensitive skin, and many things will effect the quality of my skin. The heater running all day, the blast of heat blowing on me while in my car, caffeine obtained from sipping a warm cup of  coffee or tea, the cold wintry wind... Winter and my skin do not mix. I have to follow my skin care regimen and diet strictly  or I end up a dry flaky itchy mess. All over!

Not only should one be mindful of what they are putting on their skin we need to be mindful of what goes in our mouths as well. I say this because if you suffer thru the winter months with dry itchy skin then you need to know a few things.  Topical applications of moisturizers, body butters, and body oils will aid in hydrating and calming your skin but increasing your water consumption and increasing your Omegas will have your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Using natural and organic skin care will eliminate toxins that promote dehydration of your skin. Fragrance oils and other chemicals  will aid in drying out your skin. Have you ever applied lotion and  30 minutes later need to apply more? After applying  lotion, does your skin feel and look moisturized, but by the end of the day sometimes by the end of the hour your skin is looking and feeling dry and itchy again?

Well, ladies this is what I call the lotion conspiracy. What will you do when your tube or bottle of lotion is empty? You rush off to the drug store to buy more. You will go thru your chemically laden lotion faster than you will go thru an organic lotion. The chemicals in many lotions simply dry your skin out. When you put pure natural resources on your skin you will benefit from not only fabulous looking skin, you will benefit from the moisturizing, nourishing, nutritional  properties of natural ingredients.

Your liver will love you too, because it doesn't have to work in overdrive to process all the chemicals you are lathering your skin with.
If you are not a regular user of natural and organic skin care please check out this link
If your snowed in like me, go grab some of the skin care products you use on a daily basis, grab a cup of organic coffee or tea, sit down in front of your computer and click on the above link.  At the ewg you can type in an ingredient from a product you are using, or the brand and name of the product you are using. You will then get a plethora of information of the health hazards the ingredient has, or you can find out the level of toxicity in your product. The EWG rates products from a 0 meaning no health hazard to a 10 meaning the most toxic. You will be surprised to find out that some of the companies that you believed were selling a natural product are actually pretty toxic.

As a woman it is important to know what you are consuming through your skin. It is important to make mindful decisions about your health. Many chemicals in women's products are linked to Cancer, infertility, panic and anxiety disorders, depression, migraines, insomnia. and so many more aliments that can debilitate us. I have hundreds of stories to share about  my customers, who thru eliminating toxic products have healed from chronic conditions. I'm myself am a walking testimonial

. Do you want your skin care products to take you on the path of optimal health? If so, then read your labels, educate yourself, be mindful of what you are putting on and in your body.
To get you on your way to moisturized healthy skin and a healthier you, I'm giving away a jar of my newest creation!
I have a 2 ounce jar of Organic Pumpkin Whip! I formulated this to aid in healing my own dry, flaky, driving me insane itchy skin! After my head injury and a week of chillin my skin did what it does when ignored. It flared into a patchy red itchy mess. The pic just shows my arm, Ahh my legs were worse. I used my Calming Comfrey Spray
to calm the itch an bring me some relief while I whipped up my Pumpkin Whip.
 With the help of my Organic Pumpkin Whip and increasing my Omegas thru organic walnuts, organic flaxseed oil, Hemp milk, and a few other goodies, my skin is back to looking and feeling terrific.
My Organic Pumpkin Whip is a dry skin eliminator with the help of Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil,  Organic Babassu Butter, Abyssinian oil, Vitamin E oil.
Healing, Moisturizing, Nourishing skin lovin Pumpkin Whip.

 Organic Pumpkin Seed oil contains an incredible amount of Omega Fatty Acids. The skin just drinks it up! My Pumpkin Whip smells like..... a scrumptious chocolate coconut treat!
I haven't even listed this to sell, so whoever wins will be the first to get it!
Win It: 2 ounce jar of Joyful Girl Naturals Organic Pumpkin Whip 


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tessica said...

following your blog and VERY excited about this giveaway!

i am in SW VA btw and we have about 30 inches! I am a public school teacher and haven't been to work in a week!

tessica said...

After Sun Herbal Healing Spray Organic Aloe would be just perfect for me! i sunburn no matter how much sunscreen or zinc i put on and aloe is my only friend most of the time!

Calming Comfrey Body Spray Eczema, Dermatitis, Psorasis- i am considering getting this for my 5 year old daughter who gets heat rashes that last for a very long time and in odd places (back of hands, cheeks...etc) cortizone is the only thing that works but she says it stings at first!

tessica said...

fan on facebook now too!

Felissa Hadas said...

Stopping by to follow back and say hello with Friday Follow. Would love to enter to win the Pumpkin whip.


Felissa Hadas said...

Would love to try the Coconut Hair Conditioner Treatment.

Marek Doyle said...
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Diana K said...

Very excited to follow your blog. :)

D said...

Excited to follow your blog.

Kari @ p.s. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following and know that I will enjoy your blog! I have a love affair with natural products. Skin. Food. I'm now in the process of becoming a certified Wellness Coach and then will get my certification to be a Birthing Doula! Nice to meet you!

I love trying new products!

carencat2 said...

By the way, I looked up methylparaben on the EWG skin deep website and found out it got an 8, which is pretty scary.

carencat2 said...

Glad to see you joined Facebook. I signed up as a fan!

carencat2 said...

Another common ingredient in many store brand skin care products is propylene glycol. It got a 7 on the skin deep website. The researchers said it's nearly non-toxic when eaten, but can cause skin irritations even at a 2 percent concentration. No wonder my skin was getting worse and worse!

carencat2 said...

Hi there. I'm finally figuring this out! Please add me to the competition for the pumpkin whip. Thanks and have a great day.

carencat2 said...

I'm following you! Maybe I'll have a chance to win the pumpkin whip.

carencat2 said...

Hi there Joyful Girl! I'm following you and hope to win the pumpkin whip.

carencat2 said...

Hi Joyful Girl. I'm following you on Facebook, too. ...Caren Burmeister

carencat2 said...

DIAZOLIDINYL UREA, which is commonly found in skin care products, is a derivative of formaldehyde. Another scary bit of news from the Skin Deep website.

carencat2 said...

The FDA hasn’t yet forced the plastic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) out of food packaging, according to the Environmental Working Group's website. But apparently it's working on it. BPA is a synthetic estrogen that's linked to a range of serious health problems.

carencat2 said...

I just ordered your Healing Calendula Oil for my boyfriend, who has psoriasis on his scalp. I hope it helps, since this condition is really tricky to treat.

Nicole Schaffer said...

Hi, Shelly! I'm following your blog! :)

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