Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm One Proud Mama

This is my son Eli Blahut. He is in Iron Man magazine the March issue as a Rising Star.
I'm one proud Mama.
Eli is 22 and in December of 2009 won first place in his weight class at the Excalibur body building competition. He decided 3 weeks before the competition to enter. He was graduating the week after the competition.
When he called me to ask if he should do the competition the only thing I could say was "Go for it". He has worked so hard and has endured much pain due to his digestive disorder.It all paid off. He WON!
He had to fly out to CA from VA, for the competition.Then after he won he had a whirl wind of photo shoots.He then had to  fly back to VA to graduate college.WHEW!
Why Eli's story is unique is due to the fact that he suffers from a digestive disorder and major food allergies. When you are a body builder and you need to build muscle you have to eat. Eat something like 4000 calories a day. Eli can only eat a handful of foods. His diet mainly consists of organic brown rice, fish, and chicken. He can tolerate organic spinach but not many other veggies. His diet has to be gluten free, corn free, soy free, and dairy free. The tricky part of the gluten free diet is that we haven't been able to find prepackaged food items that are gluten free and free of other allergens. Eli is also allergic to potatoes, corn,soy, tapioca, sorghum etc. Many gluten free items contain these ingredients for thicken agents. Eli is able to consume pineapple, apricots,mango,kiwi, and papaya but I think that is it for fruit. Can you imagine eating the same thing everyday for months and months on end?
Eli graduated from VCU with honors. He has blown me away with his dedication and passion for this sport. He has tackled every obstacle that has presented itself to continue his dream. Everyday he has to deal with his digestive disorder, the discomfort, the pain, but everyday he pursues his dream. I know it takes alot of will power, mental strategies  ,courage, and passion for Eli to get thru the day. I'm so proud of him that I feel I could burst at anytime.
Eli hopes to be able to inspire children to have dreams and to know they can achieve them , no matter what the obstacle. 
Eli is now living in Venice CA and is continuing with his passion. He has a big competition in Las Vegas in July. I'm excited to be at that competition. He will be in a few more magazines in the next couple of months.
And yes I make all his skin and hair care products.
He looks Amazing! Did I mention that I'm One Proud Mama! If your interested in watching a video of my sons Eli and Michael for Iron Man magazine you can check it out here
I will be bragging about another one of my kids next week. They are all amazing people and they have taught me so much.


2 kids and a cat said...

Congrats to you on raising such a succesful human being, and I mean succesful in the way that he is able to make goals and acieve them. That will do him well in whatever he chooses to set his sights on. Also Congrats to your son for his big win!
BTW-I am following you back, a little late, from FF.

2 kids and a cat said...

Hey there again. Just wanted stop by and let you know I gave you an award, it's waiting for you on my blog in this weeks FF post. OK, see you soon...

Cop Mama said...

Wow, what a proud mama! My DH use to body build naturally when he was in college.

Happy Follow Friday, following you back! Nice to meet you :-)

Helena said...

Wow! Cute Son! My son is also a body builder doing it naturally ! I'm so glad too! Over from Friday Follow! Nice to meet you!

~SHANNON~ said...

Thats amazing! Go you!!

I found your blog through Friday Follow- and I'm so glad I did! Hope lot's of new people find you as well!

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Sara said...

Happy Friday Follow
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Congrats on your son Eli winning. What an inspirational story!

I would be one proud mama also!

The Stylish House said...

To become a professional bodybuilder takes an amazing effort, but to accomplish it with Eli’s special dietary restrictions is truly a triumph! Hopefully, over time more foods will become widely available that is gluten free. Thank you sharing Eli’s inspiring story, we all have our crosses we must bear in this life, but I believe it’s how you handle those challenges that shows true character. Go Eli!
I found you viv FF and look forward to following you.

I am Harriet said...

Wow- you must be proud.

Stopping by from FF to say hello.

Sarah Lynne said...

I know I shouldnt say this to you because he is your son, but WOW!!!! I wish my Husband had those kind of muscles!!!!

Happy Friday!! I am a new follower!!


Lady V dZine said...

Hey there. Found you on the Friday Follow and thought I would join the fun. Thanks.

P.S. My brother was a body builder for a long time, so I understand your pride.

Momma Fargo said...

Following you back! Love natural and organic products. Will be reading more of your blog.

SquirrelQueen said...

That is great, I can see why you are one proud mama.

Thanks for the follow, I am following you back. Have a great weekend.

The Stanley Family said...

Wow! Congrats - that's amazing! My daughter suffers from a fruit allergy & milk intolerance, and that is very difficult - I can't imagine what he must experience!

So glad I stopped by from Friday Follow. I'm your newest friend. I'd love for you to drop by my blog sometime!

Heather McDougle said...

Wow! Amazing! Your son is amazing and you are a great proud mama!

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