Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Saver Sunday 2-21-2010

Today's SSS is a great deal! Our 8 ounce  Organic Foaming Hand Soap only $5.00 . I adore our Foaming Hand Soap for many reasons. First, its gentle and great for the whole family. I have Super sensitive skin, and everyday I have to be mindful about my diet, my skin care, my clothing. Or I will end up a big skin disaster.

I formulated our Organic Foaming Hand Soap to be gentle, effective and non drying. The 8 ounce size gives you plenty of hand washing bubbles. On average I believe they last a good 3-4 months.

We have several essential oil blends you can choose from. My favorite right now is the Lemon Zest. Lemon, Sweet Basil and Coriander. Invigorating, anti bacterial, and a great uplifting scent.

Terrific deal, terrific soap, the best part is that it is all Natural, your not washing your hands with chemicals, but pure natural sources.

Which has me thinking....... As parents we worry about what our little ones put in their mouths don't we? Go take a look at the hand soap you currently are using, look at the ingredients. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient look it up at the EWG . If there are fragrance oils in them, those are chemically derived. What are your kids washing there hands with? We ask our children to wash their hands before they eat, but are your kids sitting down on the table with chemical residue on their hands?  I actually carry one of my small 1.75 oz foaming bottles of hand soap in my purse, so when I'm out shopping I can stay away from the pink and blue stuff in the public bathrooms.  The smell of the soap alone nauseates me , and I truly do not want to wash my hands with chemicals.
Yes being mindful is sometimes a scary thing in our world.


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