Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Babies are Not Safe

I just read a very disturbing fact. Babies are being born into the world with toxic chemicals already in their systems.There was a time when we thought that our babies were safe and sound within our wombs. Now the fact is, they are not.

Reading a newsletter from the EWG it states that when umbilical cord blood of 10 Americans were tested nearly 300 chemicals were found. Chemicals such as BPA, perchlorate, fire retardants, lead, mercury and PCBs. This just really blows my mind. No parent wants to think that these chemicals are running thru the veins of their baby.

How did they get there? They got there by the products we use on a daily basis. Our skin care, our cleaning products, laundry soap, fabric softener, the plug in room fresheners.(one of my biggest pet peeves) hair care products, food, and many other environmental factors.

This is what is stated in the newsletter from the EWG." The chemicals we found are increasingly linked to serious long-term health effects, from childhood cancer and autism to ADHD, learning deficits, infertility, and heart disease. We need a system for assessing chemicals so our children get the healthy start they deserve. The longer Congress waits, the more babies are exposed."

There are  a few actions we as parents can take to ensure the safety of our children. One is to become informed, remember the saying " Knowledge is Power". The more we educate ourselves on chemicals that are being used in our everyday products, the better we can make decisions to ensure the health of our children, ourselves, our pets and the environment..

Take the time to read all the ingredients that are in the skin care products, cleaning products, laundry products etc you use.What is in the new carpets, paint, furniture you buy.

If you do not know what an ingredient is look it up. You can go to the EWG and check out their skin deep database. There you can type in a product name or ingredient and find out if there is a health hazard connected with the product or ingredient.

Our children rely on us, their parents to make decisions that will effect their well being. Be proactive, be informed, demand American to come clean.

 Please sign this petition to demand that Congress take action to make chemicals in consumer products kid-safe.

Here are a few more links for information
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Be well Be Safe Be Informed



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