Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy Days Crazy Nights Crazy Life

O.k. Well it has been over a month since I have posted anything. There has been a few things going on in my Joyful Girl World that has kept me from having the time to post.
December 30 at 5:00 a.m. I passed out onto my oak dresser. Which resulted in a E.R. visit and 11 stitches in my forehead. Yup lots O fun there. I must say I truly didn't experience any pain with the use of several of my natural remedies and homopathic pellets.  I just had my stitches out on Wednesday, and my doctor wasn't to thrilled with the E.R. docs work. Joyful Girl Natural Products will have to heal my wound and keep a scar from forming. I have 100% faith in my creations, as I have seen the results from hundreds of my customers. The docs and nurses at the E.R. told me that I would have a black eye, bruised cheek and bruised chin the next day. I proved them wrong. I applied arnica oil to my forehead, eyelid, cheek, and chin. Every hour on the 5th. I had no bruising. Arnica is amazing for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and bruising. I have a jar infusing at all times.
I will be posting pics of my healing process. As now I can start applying calendula & comfrey root oil to my wound in the morning, and at night I'm applying my scar relief oil.
I had a young woman contact me last year about a wound see received on her face. She had a severe dog bite which resulted in over 16 stitches. I sent her my scar relief oil and after 3 mos of her using it 2xs daily the wound was barely visible. I was able to meet her, and it was a very heart warming experience. Needless to say, I will be applying this to my wound as well.
For pain I did take arnica pellets. Which are available at most health food stores. I have also been using Aconite.Aconite is a homeeopathic medicine used for several conditions. Nerve pain (great for persons to use after root canals) been there too, headaches, reliefs sore and painful joints, great for treating cold and flu symptoms and is also used to treat severe anxiety and nervous excitement. I have been using it to ease anxiety. This works great for me along with my aromatherapy roll on. I'm using ylang ylang, sweet orange and lavender to calm my fried nerves. This is added to organic jojoba oil and I place it in a roll on type bottle. When that  awful feeling of anxiousness starts to creep over me, I take the Aconite and apply the roll on to my wrists, neck and a dab under the nose. Then life can continue. I have had a life history of anxiety, depression and panic disorder. One of the big reasons I started Joyful Girl. To heal myself naturally. I have been successful in doing so. I hope to share my past history with those disorders as well as a severe bout with postpartum depression with you all in the future. If can somehow figure out how to blog on a regular basis.
The photo, yes don't I like  Joyful? Well this is the day after, and I just wanted you to see that I had no bruising due to the arnica oil. If anyone has any questions regarding anything I have written here please contact me. I'm here to help! Much peace to you all this New Year!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God Shelly, You are really brave as you took a terrible fall and ys you are right no bruising.

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Wow, glad you are ok. I found your blog on Midday Escapades and am now a follower. You can find me here:

Tessica said...

wow, just read this after reading the one with your healed pic...amazing!
following from friday follow! and you following me