Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chuck Needs Help!

There is always something! Really is there ever peace for one day? I believe maybe for a few minutes we can steal a slice of peace, but a whole day? Not there yet.

My daughter Elizabeth Blahut is the owner of a brilliant pit bull named Chuck. Chuck is 18 mos old. Chuck has always been a source of joy and laughter. I do not think I have ever met a dog like him. He has the ability to fill the room with laughter, and can lift the spirits of anyone who is down. Chuck has been ill for 9 mos now, and $10,000 later there is no diagnosis. My daughter Elizabeth is the shop owner of our line of pet products. Joyful Canine She is a pet enthusiast  and activist. As of  this moment she is looking for a glimmer of hope for Chuck. Chuck has seen approx 9 doctors. Has been to a Naturalpathic Vet, and has been to the Hope center here in Vienna Va looking for answers. After all the diagnostic testing, there are still no answers. Now we are trying to raise money for one more diagnostic test.CSF tap and Joint tap. This will test if the brain fluid or spinal fluid shows any signs of bacteria, re infection. The Joint tap will show if there is any infection in the bones. These are basically the only tests that Have Not been done on Chuck. You can read a little about Chuck's journey  if you visit this site and click on journal his medical records are there. Everyday my daughter fears that she will lose Chuck. We are in the process of trying to raise money for the last of the diagnostic testing. We have the Chip in button on the left side bar. If anyone feels compelled to Chip in it would be most appreciated, Even a dollar will make a difference. Maybe you could use some amazing organic pet products and check out Liz's etsy store.
My husband and I have exhausted our savings to pay for some of Chucks hospital stays, Doctor visits etc. Right now my daughter has exhausted herself financially as well.She is an amazing woman herself. She is a single mom, who put herself thru college and worked full time. Never taking a handout from her family or the government. She paid off all her credit cards after graduating college and is a wonderful mom. She now has those paid off credit cards maxed out due to medical bills. She has exhausted all her finances. Many people have been supportive, but there are those who tell her she is crazy. Chuck is a dog, why is she putting herself into debt.
What do you do? This is her baby, Chuck has brought her so much comfort, joy, and happiness. He is apart of the family. Aren't are pets our family members? Do we not give them the love, consideration, and affection we give other family members? I truly believe that if you bring an animal into your home you should be willing to give them the best you can offer them in the way of attention, food, respect and care. Call my daughter and I crazy.... I know there are many many other people who believe this too, you all know who you are... We are passionate about our pets!

Since there hasn't been a diagnosis his illness can't be treated. When he first became ill my daughter like most of us was filled with panic but then felt assured once she got him to the vet that all would be o.k. Vet after vet, test after test, no answers. This just boggles our minds. I even wrote to one of those vets online and paid a small fee to just ask for help. Liz has emailed and reached out to pet rescue centers, teaching hospitals etc in hopes that someone somewhere may have information that could help Chuck. Maybe a teaching hospital would take his case to study, maybe a vet would read the medical records and find the missing link. We are reaching out, we are praying, hoping, wishing for an answer.
Chuck is an amazing dog, he opens the frig when he is hungry (not with approval) He opens sodas when he is thirsty, again not on approval Lol... He has figured out to master the most complex toys(puzzzles) my daughter has purchased for him, he shows you what he needs when you ask the question "Chuck what do you want" He will make you laugh until you pee your pants.One night he sat by the toilet for an hour trying to figure out how to lift up the toilet lid, he finally accomplished this, and with a bark and a few tail wags he went on to other things.
Truly.... I have never seen a dog like him... I know you all must have some great pet stories, please share. We would love to have our spirits lifted.

Please check out the link  , share any info you think maybe helpful. It will truly be appreciated. We do not know where to turn at this point.
Much Peace

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piratefoxy from etsy said...

I think Chuck may be the pit bull version of Foxy, our cocker spaniel. (Pirate is still figuring out that he can actually ASK for what he needs. But he's a rescue so this whole 'getting to express an opinion' thing is new to him.)

My best wishes for a good outcome.