Sunday, January 31, 2010

Healing Just Fine

Yesterday it had been 30 days since my head met up with my dresser. Here is a pic of how the healing is going. You can still see a faint pink mark on my forehead. All in all I'm pretty happy with the progress. I have been applying my Herbal skin healing cream after cleansing in the morning, and my scar relief once in the afternoon and then before bed. My friends and family are amazed how fab it looks. I have only been applying my topical treatments for 20 days. It was a pretty nasty gash.
I have been told by several 20 something adults that a women with a scar on her face is and sexy.

When did that happen? When did sustaining trauma to once face and having proof left behind become cool, hot, sexy?
Was that something in the 90's, what did I miss?
I will continue to apply my Joyful Girl potions and be confident that I will have very little or no signs of trauma on my Joyful Girl Face in a short period of time.


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