Sunday, December 6, 2009

Super Sunday Savings 12-06-09

Our super saver today is buy 1 eight ounce Organic Cocoa Butter lotion and receive a 2 oz purse size free!
Our cocoa butter lotion smells amazing. Organic Cocoa Butter  retains its natural chocolate scent, how yummy is that? I formulated our lotion to absorb quickly without any greasy residue. One of my everyday staples!

With winter here, hands are drying out all over the country. Ripped and torn cuticles Ouch!Cracked fingertips, why Oh why do you want to live with the pain? Keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and healthy with our Organic Cocoa Butter Lotion. You will love our Cocoa Butter Lotion!
 Write in the message to seller box SSS to receive your free 2 oz cocoa butter with the purchase of an 8 oz cocoa butter lotion!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful product. I've definitely got the ripped and torn cuticles right now.

Thanks for being first on my follow me linky. I'm your newest blog follower. I also appreciate that you put my button at your blog.

Sarah Brown said...

Do you make this? This sounds like a great product if it really helps with cracked skin!

Priscila said...

wow i want to feature this on my bblog sounds amazing!

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Thanks a bunch