Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Save Sunday 3/14/10

Our SSS for today is for our wonderful Shaving Cream. 25% off today only! Our shaving cream is made with organic cocoa butter for a moisturizing shave. Our shaving cream can be labeled for the Natural Man or Joyful Girl.

Commercial shaving creams are loaded with skin irritants and toxins. Neither of which is necessary for shaving.

A common ingredient in several shaving creams is Methylparaben. Any ingredient ending in Paraben is an ingredient you should avoid. Parabens contribute to cancers,endocrine disruption,neurotoxicity, and is a known skin irritant.

This ingredient is used to preserve your product. This preservative is used so the shelf life of your shaving cream can be sustained for longer than necessary. Not worth the health concerns it contributes.

Another ingredient that is common in commercial shaving creams is Propylene Glycol. This unhealthy ingredient is linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, Penetration enhancer (opens pores to aid in your skin absorption), brain and nervous system effects. This ingredient is used to contribute to the viscosity of your product and as a penetration enhancer.

Now, these are only 2 ingredients that I pulled from a list of shaving cream ingredients browsing popular products. I would say 90% of the ingredients of these shaving creams contribute to health concerns.

Why is it important to stay away from these ingredients? If your not green yet, you may not realize that these ingredients can contribute to health concerns you are already experiencing. Skin irritations, reproductive concerns mainly infertility, and migraines to mention a few.

Yes it is true that the ingredients in your skin and hair care as well as your cosmetics maybe the cause of your migraines, recent bout with anxiety, skin conditions, even depression.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. What you put on your skin you are consuming. Now, I know if a bottle of  Propylene Glycol was in front of you, you wouldn't drink it. So why are you putting it on your skin?

If you envision your skin care, hair care, & cosmetics as food you might want to know what your eating!

Eat healthy you only have one you!


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