Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yippeee I found a safe Laundry Soap !

I was reading prissygreens blog today she is doing a giveaway

This is for a laundry soap made by Vaska and its called Herbatergent. Vaska was started by a fashion designer Julia Fry. Vaska's Herbatergent uses real herbs! I read their laundry soap keeps clothing brighter,& softer too! No chemical residues left to create skin irritation or fabric damage.

Yippeee. I'm so excited to try this. I make our laundry soap because I have scent and skin sensitivities as well as being environmentally conscience. I would love to have THIS laundry soap delivered to my door than grate bars of castile soap!

Looks like you can find Vaska's Herbatergent at or Amazon. Here is a link to Vaska Products so you can check it out.

The ingredients list: Plant based surfactants, vegetable conditioner, water-soluble degreasing agent, lavender extract (leaves no scent) and filtered water.

I'm super excited to get a jug of Herbatergent because my tub of laundry soap is getting low, and I'm not in the mood to make any! I have a great feeling that this maybe the one laundry soap that rescues me from that task! If Prissygreen is likin this, I know it has to be good! For me to post something on my blog, you know I'm excited about Herbatergent!

Please go over to PrissyGreens site and enter the giveaway and browse thru her blog. Karissa is a great resource for persons wanted to go green.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter Party

 Well, I was invited to participate in a twitter party last night. It was being hosted by prissygreen. Karissa of prissygreen blog had contacted me and another organic beauty business owner. The topic of the party was Sibu beauty. Beauty from the inside out. I was so excited. I read up on all of Sibu's products, learned about tweet chat and tweet grid and was ready to go. 

Even though I'm on vacation right now in CA, and getting ready to attend my stepdaughter's wedding I put time aside to contribute to this twitter party. 

I got all ready with my laptop, tea, and notes and was ready to go! I logged into the tweet chat room 10 minutes prior to the party starting and sat in anticipation of chatting with women about natural beauty. Well, the party started and as I began to tweet I realized my tweets were not showing up in the chat room. Karrissa and the other panelist tweets were not showing up either. I began to investigate why, and 4o minutes into the party I figured it out. You have to make sure that in your profile on twitter you do not have your tweets protected.  I sent a direct message to prissygreen letting her know, but it was too late. She was tweeting out questions for prizes and was keeping the party rolling. 

I tweeted several times as I had so much I wanted to share about the subject. It was very amusing as I only had about 20 minutes to share. I'm sure persons in the chat room might have thought I was a bit looney as the party was really winding down and I was tweeting away about beauty from the inside out.

Not all was lost though, I gained 90 followers on twitter, I learned that I can perform and think constructively under pressure. As I figured out on my own how to fix the problem and did not panic. I gave myself a pat on the back when it was all over and had a whole bar of organic chocolate as my tweet. (little twitter humor)

Im going to plan a twitter party in the near future for all my Joyful Girls. I think it will be fun to chat with everyone, give away organic product and other fun stuff. 

Let me know if your interested by leaving a comment here.

In the meantime check out prissygreens blog at  Karissa does a great job review eco friendly green products. Her blog is a great way to learn about being green and participate in some great giveaways.

Please check out for these amazing seabuckhorn  cellular support soft gels. Every woman should be taking these!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giveaway Joshua Bell CD

One 2 Try is having a great giveaway. Rita is offering Joshua Bell's CD At home with friends.
Reviewing the guest artist I can believe this is one great CD. Josh Groban, Kristen Chenoweth, Regina Specktor are a few of the guest artist. Rita says in her review that the CD is soothing to listen to. With the holidays around the corner this CD sounds like one to have on hand to soothe any stresses that come your way. Stop by One 2Try to enter.


I'M Committed

O.k. it has been a very long time since I last posted. I'm here to say I'm made the decision that I have too much to say and I'm now committed.

I'm committed to educating women on the importance of natural skin care.
I'm committed to informing women on natural ways to heal.
I'm committed to sharing links to wonderful blogs, sites etc that I believe have something important to share with you all.

I have alot to share, it has been hard to find the time to sit and blog. I have now made blogging an event in my schedule.

As I have learned in the last several years very important information pertaining to living and breathing green. I must share with whomever will listen.

Wonderful things are happening with Joyful Girl Natural Products that I want to share too!

Please feel free to share with me too. Ask questions, share links etc.

Please check out this interview on me, and this great Joyful Girl giveaway!