Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look At Me Now I'm 47

Argh, just celebrated my 47th birthday! Not sure how I feel about it. Like all birthdays I ponder what I have accomplished, what I need to accomplish, what I didn't accomplish. I did give birth to 5 amazing kids. That I would say is my biggest accomplishment.Matthew  28 (soon to be 29) Michael 26 Elizabeth 24 Eli 22 and my Kylie who is 7. I have 2 wonderful grandchildren Kaden 5 and Madison 22 mos.

I ponder where the time went, then I panic that I don't know how much time I have left. Can I make a difference in this world, touch a soul, change a life, in the time I have.I wake up everyday asking the universe "What can I do to make a difference in this world today?"  I pray to God every night to lead me to those I can comfort, love and bring peace to.  Oh so complex.

When creating Joyful Girl I did so out of the strong desire to touch women's lives, to lend a hand in healing naturally, to share my story of  a childhood of abusive and a 16 year marriage contributing the same. To show women that I crawled thru that dark tunnel of emotionally pain, fear, and insecurity to create a new life. To teach them they too can do the same. I pray each night that I have touched a soul, that I have helped a woman to change her life of abuse into a life of Joy. Doing so thru natural means.

Now today I have a new life a husband who loves me and treats me with respect. A 7 year old daughter who tells me to put my photo up here to show woman that they too can have skin like mine. She said" Mommy I can't find that many wrinkles on your face, cuz you use Joyful Girl products" I adore her, she is my biggest fan! She gives Joyful Girl products to all her friends as gifts, I of course use to say "Kylie no that isn't appropriate, I don't want their parents to think I'm pushing products" She says"Mommy your Joyful Girl products are the best, they are the best gift I want to give".  Yes really she says that!!! Now I let her package up whatever she would like to give as her presents. She knows what heals, what comforts, what soothes and she customizes each gift with the products she thinks the recipient needs. Then includes a business card. ( I do sneek them out sometimes depending on who its going to )  Anywhooo My life is good, I still ache to make a difference, I still ponder sometimes to obsession if I'm completing my life's purpose.

Thought I would share, if  I make you  ponder about how you can make a difference in life then its all good!
BTW I received some cool green brithday gifts from the owner of Green Goods  Denise Olsen. she is an amazing woman who opened a green store in N.C.
check out what she has online.

Much peace
just washed 47 year old skin!


Leslie M. said...

You r gorgeous Shelly!

Sassy8722 said...

Shelly you are so beautiful! I have been buying from you for years and I can say you DO make a difference. Your products were the ONLY thing that could help my son's eczema, and now we have not seen it for a couple of years, and it was BAD! Your mineral mud is the only thing that has helped my acne, and you have NO idea how much that means to me! (running low, need to order some more LOL). I am positive I am not the only one who feels this way about your products. Your healing spray was the only thing that helped my Mom's psoriasis (also the same spray used on my son), and my daughter washes with your banana scented toddler wash every night, it makes her SOOO soft!! We love you and you do make a difference!! :)

Yvonne said...

your skin looks amazing! I seriously pray mine looks like that when I'm 47!!

p.s. way to be proud of your age. most women I know are afraid to even say when they're 30 lol but then again, if they looked like you... then maybe they would!

Jill Roloff said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! You look great. I hope I look as great at 47:) I adore all your products. Thank you for making it easy to 'go green'.
Jill Roloff

Becca said...

Hiya, I am here from your link on One 2 Try blog. Congrats on 47! :)